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Tech Canada Advocates is part the of Global Tech Advocates network, and as such we're excited to support the following partnership with HP.

Global Tech Advocates is the only truly international grassroots tech network, with 14,000 tech leaders, experts and investors giving tech a voice in 16 regions and hubs worldwide. Global Tech Advocates has joined forces with HP, the global tech company, to create a community of IT leaders to share knowledge, expertise and learning internationally.


Global Tech Advocates and HP have produced a webcast series - School of Thoughts: Managing Change in the Age of Hyper-Acceleration. IT leaders share their views on the digital transformation trends impacting companies worldwide, and the sectors experiencing the most dramatic disruption.


Global Tech Advocates and HP also interviewed 25 IT leaders across multiple sectors and geographies to understand the digital transformation taking place during the pandemic.


To learn more, join the GTA/HP Community LinkedIn page.

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